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PhillipCapital (DIFC) Private Limited is part of the 'PhillipCapital Group' Singapore. PhillipCapital (DIFC) Private Limited is a Category 3A Company incorporated in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) with retail endorsement. Regulated by Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

PhillipCapital was established in 1975 and offers a full range of quality and innovative financial services to retail, corporate and institutional clients. PhillipCapital (with headquarters in Singapore) operates in the financial hubs of 17 countries and region, including offices in Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, UAE, UK, France, Turkey and USA. The PhillipCapital group currently has over 1 million clients worldwide, with the total assets under management worldwide more than USD 33 Billion and with total shareholders' funds in excess of USD 1 Billion.

PhillipCapital team has experience across market and product segments and with the lineage of PhillipCapital Group, aims to provide efficient solutions to Institution, Professional and Retail Clients. Our experience and expertise in providing world-class financial services to our clients constantly attempt to work towards customer advantages. PhillipCapital understands the unique business requirement of each of its client and tailors its products and services to meet those requirements. Our Global experience has helped us in creating compliance driven operating procedures. This ensures consistent and unbiased customer service.